Zorya Veche

Handcrafted Solid Wood Conference Table with Blue Glass Combination. This table is unique not only for its boho design, details, and craftsmanship but especially for its story. The tree from which it is made grew in the garden of the iconic Hvězda Café in the Klíše district of Ústí nad Labem between 1935 - 2018. Only a small part of the trunk was salvaged, so there are only 3 unique tables, and you can have one of them.

The wooden part is pleasantly smooth and velvety to the touch, thanks to treatment with hard wax oil from OSMO. The wooden part is approximately 20 cm high, with inset blue glass. Metal legs ensure sufficient stability and are fitted with plastic plugs to protect the floor. The table is made of poplar, appearing solid but not heavy.

Dimensions: 77 x 63 cm, h: 36.